Archies Thongs come in two different Arch profiles

At Archies Footwear we know that it is impossible to adequately cater for all feet with one arch profile, as a result, Archies Arch Support Thongs come in a Standard Arch Support (SAS) model and a High Arch Support (HAS) model. Having the two arch profiles allows us better cater for your customer’s arch type and support needs.

Most stockist primarily stock the HAS model and then filter the SAS model in on an as needed basis. Having some pairs of the SAS model on hand allows customers to see what they feel like and the customer can either purchase them then or their size and colour can be recorded for your practices / stores next order of Archies Thongs.

Which one is better, the High Arch or the Standard Arch?

One arch profile is not necessarily better than the other. Both arch profiles have substantial orthotic / arch support and a similar amount of support to that found in off the shelf orthotics. It’s just that the HAS model has increased support in comparison to the SAS model and one arch profile may be more suited to your customer’s foot type, their personal preference and what they are used to. E.g, If they are used to wearing orthotics or other supportive footwear.  

So, how do you know which model is the right one for your customer?

This is very easy and is not a big decision!  We find that approximately 70% of people prefer the HAS and 30% prefer the SAS, as such, we find it’s best to always offer the customer the HAS model to the customer first.

While the HAS is the most popular model, there are some instances where the HAS simply feels like there is too much support and may be uncomfortable for your customer. This is most commonly seen in people with flat feet or in people with high but very short arches. 

In the case where the HAS feels like there is too much the support, we strongly suggest to offer SAS model to your customer. The SAS perfectly fills the gap when the High Arch has to much support as it still offers the user a substantial level of support, however it is a little less aggressive that the HAS. It is very rare that when someone does not like the HAS model that the SAS model does not result in an instant improvement in comfort levels.

As the majority of customers prefer the HAS, most of our stockist predominately stock the HAS and have a handful of SAS on standby, or they order them in on an as needed basis.

When the customer is presented with these two options, the end result is an extremely high conversion rate on sales and very happy customers! 

Educating your customers:

Most people put on Archies Thongs and they find them to be instantly and unbelievably comfortable! However, for some people, getting used to the support can take some time and in some occasions, they may even experience some soreness.

It is extremely important to educate your customers about this! We have lost count of how many customers have told us that when they first started wearing Archies Thongs that they got sore at first and were nearly going to throw them out, only to persevere with them and now those very same customer’s report that they barley take the thongs off their feet!

It’s important to let your customer know in the case that Archies Thongs are not instantly comfortable, not to worry, as after several days of wear, the thongs will gradually mould to the shape of their feet and will become much more comfortable.

However, it is equally important to let the customer know, that while a little initial discomfort is common at first, if they feel that the HAS model really feels like it has too much support or if it just does not feel right, that they should try the SAS model and to go with whichever feels the most comfortable.


While it’s extremely important to ask your customers how the thongs feel, what’s even more important is to pay close attention to what your customer conveys through their body language. You should interpret any closed body language such as crossing or re-enforcing of the hands or arms as a sign that the customer may have some form of hidden apprehension, negative thoughts, feeling etc about what they are experiencing or what you are doing and saying. It’s your job to work out what that this hidden apprehension is and solve it for them. An uncomfortable arch profile is a common source of this apprehension. Often the customer verbally reports that the arch type that they have tried on feels ok, however, this is in-congruent with what their body language is saying. In this case, offering the other arch profile will very often see the customer adopt a more positive and open body language as if the current arch profile is not right for the customer, the majority of the time the other arch profile will almost always result in a dramatic improvement in comfort.

Please click here if you would like to learn more about the essential life skill of reading body language in our Sales Module, ‘Body Language’.


Choosing the correct arch profile for your customer is very easy and is not a big decision! However, if you or the customer are unsure, you can use the basic guidelines below to help you make the right choice for the customer.

As already mentioned, starting with the High Arch Support Model is a good starting point, the Standard Arch support model can be introduced in the instance that the customer finds that the HAS has too much support.

If your customer is used to wearing orthotics or other supportive shoes and sandals, then it is likely that they will be more suited to the HAS model.

If the customer is not used to wearing orthotics or supportive footwear, then the customers foot type has a large influence as to which model they will likely find comfortable.

If your customer has low arches / flat feet and they are not used to wearing orthotics, then they will likely prefer the SAS model, as the HAS model will likely feel that it has too much support.

If your customer has high or normal type arches, then they will be fine in either the HAS or SAS, it would just come down to personal preference of what they are used to and their support needs. In this case, it’s best to offer the HAS model and only offer the SAS if the customer conveys verbally or through their body language that the arch profile is not right for them or if them.

What to advise your customer if they are not sure which one to go with?

When a customer is indecisive about which model to go with, then you should assist them by being decisive! You are the health professional or expert in fitting footwear and the customer has come to you for advice, so be definitive in your final conclusion!

If the customer is unsure of which model to go with, then unless you a prescribing the thongs for a very specific reason, the best thing to do is encourage the customer to go with which ever model feels most comfortable!

If the High Arch Profile and the Standard Arch are equally comfortable, then go for the high. The low is more reserved for people when they feel that that the high has too much support.

Regardless of which model they choose, do not stress, it’s not a big decision! Both models have substantial orthotic / arch support and it is highly likely your customer will be happy with whatever they end up going with!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the fit and feel or other, please feel free to contact our customer service team at