Display Stands - Updated for Premium

Free With 20+ Pair Order

Archies retailers are entitled to one free display stand per location. Free Premium stands for orders of 100 pairs or more. Free Regular stands for orders of 20 or more pairs.

Once you have ordered your discount code will be activated on your account.

Use code: "freestand" (ordering instructions below)

Please note only one discount can be used at a time, you will need to make two separate orders for your sample pair and free stand. 

For retailers with multiple locations, please contact customer service for additional stands. You are eligible for one free stand per location, the same rules apply for each new location. 

The Stand Options

Premium Display Stands - Free with orders of 100 or more pairs

Premium POS 2-Wide Premium POS 3-Wide Premium POS 5-Wide
Archies Premium display stand 2 wide Archies premium display stand 3 wide Archies premium display stand 5 wide
$200.00 $225.00 $250.00
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Regular Display Stands - Free with all orders of 25 pairs or more

Display Stand - Desk Mount Stand Display Stand - Narrow Display Stand - Wide
$15.00 $85.00 $100.00
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Ordering Your Display Stand

  1. Go to Order page and select the stand that best fits your practice
  2. If eligible, use the code “freestand” on the checkout page
  3. Fill out appropriate shipping and payment details
  4. Follow your shipment with the tracking info sent to your email

If your discount code is not active yet it means you have not yet reached the spend amount for a free stand. 


Assembly Instructions

Archies Display Assembly Instructions