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Please see the below Size Guide for Archies Thongs.  

Once you have an accurate measurement of your foot length, simply check the Archies Size Guide below for the corresponding Archies Size.

Women's Size Conversion Chart

Men's Size Conversion Chart


Providing us with an accurate measurement of your foot length or the length of your existing thong with your order is an extremely accurate way to get you the perfect size pair of thongs and is far more accurate than just going off your normal shoe size as we can custom fit the thong to the length of your foot. As such, when we have your foot / existing thong measurements, we more or less disregard the size number you select e.g Size 8 and instead we use the measurements you provide to us to find you the perfect fitting thong e.g 26.3 cm.

The size number is more there to help provide us with additional information, keep control of our inventory and for those who are too busy (or lazy, haha) to measure. However, where both measurements and normal size are provided, the measurements will always take precedence over the Archies Size number when it comes to selecting your thong. So please take the time to measure accurately exactly as per our measuring instructions, as it will help us to get the best fitting thong possible for your foot.

It is important to understand that peoples feet do not fit perfectly to a size chart, therefore, using your foot / existing thong measurements is simply a much more precise way to get a fit that is specifically suited to your foot, rather than just using a size chart that does not account for quarter and half sizes etc.

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