What to Order

How many pairs should I start with? 

Most practices normally start with orders in the range 30 - 40 pairs and typically end up re-ordering again very soon after!

The most common initial order is 30 pairs. An order of 30 pairs gives you the best mix of sizes and colours. For orders for less than 30, it is difficult to fit in all colours appropriately and fill your stand. 

However, with this being said please just order whatever you feel comfortable with (keep in mind we do have a 6 month 100% back guarantee on the stock you order if you wish to cease sale).

We also have an Automatic Order Generator on our ordering page. This is based on our sales statistics from thousands of orders, where we can populate an example order for you. This order will be put together from the most popular combinations of sizes and colours. Simply enter the number of pairs you’d like to order and we’ll do the rest.

Which colours are the most popular?

Black is the most popular selling colour, then followed by Navy, White, Coral, Taupe, and Grey . We have found that having a nice array of all the colours makes the stand look nice, neat, and presentable and has a really positive effect on sales. Having the bright colours is great for attracting people’s attention and getting them to go over and look at the thongs!

Which sizes are the most popular?

The most common sizes are Mens US 7 / Womens US 8 up to US Mens 12 / Womens 13. 

How to use the Automatic Selector Feature?

Step 1: On the bottom of the ordering page select how many pairs you wish to order. 

Step 2: Click fill my order.

Step 3: Our Automatic selector will fill your table with a variety of pairs for you to order. From here you can edit your ordering table to add or remove any pairs you wish to change. 

Step 4: Complete purchase in checkout.