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PLEASE NOTE! Signing up to gain access to the retailer website DOES NOT mean that you are obligated in any way to stock Archies Thongs. If you are approved as a stockist, signing up simply means that you will have access to the content available on the retailers only website, allowing you to order a product sample, read the necessary information to get started stocking Archies Thongs (wholesale price, stands, postage etc), order stock at wholesale price, access sales support resources as well as answer any commonly asked questions that you may have.

Advice for signing up to the retailer website

Using the most Generic Email:  When signing up to become a stockist of Archies Thongs, we strongly recommend that you use the most generic or frequently checked email address within your business, so that someone is always able to receive invoices and tracking notifications e.g manager@mrphysio rather than john.smith@hotmail. 

Please note that the system is limited to one email per site, so the email you nominate will be the only email to receive notifications per site.

What if I have more than one site where I would like to sell Archies Thongs? If you have more than one site where you would like to sell Archies Thongs, you have two options to manage your sites:

Option 1: Manage your multiple sites through the one email:  For example, you can use one master email address such as accounts@ or manager@ which would control ordering, invoices, notifications etc.  You can have stock sent to the sites individually or all to the one address. 

If you have multiple sites and the stock is to be sent to separate sites, then each individual site / stock delivery address will need its own unique Company Name.

For example, Mr Physio has two locations under the one company name in separate towns / suburbs, (Moama, NSW and in Echuca VIC), then we recommend that the company name you use should be ‘Mr Physio Moama’ and ‘Mr Physio Echuca’ etc.  When you set the system up in this manner, you can order for all your sites from the one account, with all invoices and notifications going to the one email.  You are able to add additional locations once approved as a retailer. 

Option 2: Have each site have its own unique email and manage each site individually:  When the system is set up this way, each site can manage their own ordering, invoices and notifications from that sites email account. This is ideal when there is a manager at each site.

If you choose to set up your account in this manner, each site will need to have its own: 1. Email address 2.Stock delivery address 3. Unique company name. e.g – Mr Physio Echuca, Mr Physio Moama, etc.

You need to be approved by us as a stockist to start ordering with us, so please let us know by contacting your sales contact or by emailing us at

Once you have been approved, you will receive an email notification and you can start ordering straight away!  If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

Thanks, from the team at Archies Footwear.

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Archies are sold in unisex sizes. Choosing the correct size is important to ensure the Archies patented Arch Support Footbed is position correctly on the foot.

Please note for half sizes it is typically best to size up a 1/2  size for women and size down a 1/2 size for men.

Please click here for instructions on the best method to accurately measure your foot length

Please refer to the chart below to for your size in Archies.

 Adult Sizes:

Men's Size Guide 


Women's Size Guide 

Children's Sizes


How to order
How to order your sample pairs
  1. Select size and colours of your sample pairs from Order Matrix below then click 'SUBMIT YOUR ORDER'.
  2. Enter the code SAMPLE at checkout to get your sample pair for free.
  3. Enter your shipping details and complete your order
Pro Tip: The Archies site works best using a Google Chrome browser.
Wholesale Program Information
Archies Footwear Important Information
Price of the Thongs
Wholesale: $20.00 including GST / pair
Retail MSRP: $40.00 including GST / pair
Minimum Order: None

Display Stand: Free with order over $400 (1 per location)
Shipping: Free for orders over $400
Shipping From: Melbourne

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