Supply Agreement

Please see below for the Archies Footwear Pty Ltd Standard Supply Agreement Terms. If anything is unclear, if you have any questions or concerns about the terms, please contact Archies Footwear at

1 - Definitions:

Archies Footwear Pty Ltd: Referred to in this agreement as AF, is Archies Footwear Pty Ltd with a principle place of business address of 486 High St Echuca, Victoria, 3564.

Authorized Resellers: A business/company that has applied for an account via our Australian Wholesale Ordering Platform and has been officially approved by AF for the re-sale of AF products.

Outlet Types:

Retail Stores - Such as but not limited to Sports Stores, Specialty Running Shoe Stores, General Shoe Stores, Surf Stores, Fashion Stores.

Health Practices - Such as but not limited to Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Chiropractor, Pilates or Yoga Studios.

Events & Markets - Pop Up Stalls, Event Stalls, Market Stalls etc.

AF Products: The range of AF Products available for sale to the Authorised Reseller.

AF Products Single Colour Model: Refers to AF entry level Arch Support Thongs, an Arch Support Thong that is the one colour all over.

AF Returns Division: The AF team responsible for product quality inspection, approval and rejection of warranty claims etc.

AF Online Comfort Guarantee: AF online retail store has a 30 day comfort guarantee in which if our customer is not happy with the product in any way shape or form, providing that it’s within 30 days of delivery, then we offer a full refund, regardless if the AF products are in a new condition or not. So to confirm, we allow customers to wear the AF products and if they are not happy, they can return them for a full refund. For refund request for purchases made from AF Online Retail Store, the customer is required to pay for the return postage. For exchange request (swapping one pair for another pair) for purchases made from AF Online Retail store, if the AF products are in a new condition, then we pay for postage. If they are in a used condition, then the customer is required to pay for the return postage. The decision as to whether to participate in the AF Comfort Guarantee is the Authorised Resellers sole discretion (For full information on how this applies to your business please see 12 – Refunds & Exchanges).

2 - Supply:

2.1 Prior approval must be sought for all retail locations where AF products are to be sold.

2.2 You are only permitted to sell in the Locations that you have been approved. AF does not permit sale to locations that have not been approved as an Authorised Reseller.

2.3 You are not permitted to sell outside the approved Territory (Approval is for sale in Australia only).

2.4 Colours and sizes are subject to availability. AF accepts no liability in the instance of not being able to supply particular colours and sizes due to being out of stock.

2.5 There are certain instances where AF may cease supply to your business, such instances are but not limited to:

2.5.1 Selling in non-approved retail locations.

2.5.2 Selling outside the approved territory (Approval is for sale in Australia only). 

2.5.3 Bringing AF into disrepute by association with repeated reports of poor customer service, scandalous behaviour etc.

3 - Wholesale Price:

3.1 Unless there is a written agreement to suggest otherwise, AF Products Single Colour Model will be supplied at a wholesale price of $20.00 (including Tax).

3.2 This price includes one Archies Display Stand per stocking location, free of charge (For full details please see Archies Display Stands terms).

4 - Recommended Retail Price (RRP):

4.1 Archies Single Colour Model Thong has a strongly recommended RRP of $40.00 plus tax. AF has conducted extensive market research and field testing of the recommended RRP for the Archies Single Colour (the entry level model). It is highly advised that the RRP be adhered to. It is also worth noting that AF retail experience with this product has seen no evidence to suggest that you will achieve greater sales results with the $39.99/$39.95 versus the rounded figure $40.00.

4.2 If you wish to sell for a price other than the RRP, AF would greatly appreciate it if you could please let us know in advance by writing to us at

5 - Placing Orders:

5.1 Orders will be accepted through the wholesale ordering platform only

5.2 We do NOT accept orders by phone, text msg and email, unless in the case of a wholesale ordering platform system failure. In the unlikely event that this occurs, please send orders to In this case, please assume that your order has not been received until confirmation has been given by our customer service team.

5.3 It is very important to note, that due to the way that the system works, once an order has been paid for, the order is final and unfortunately additional pairs cannot be added on.

5.4 The system treats any additional pairs added after the initial order as separate orders and as such they are subject to new postage charges. So please ensure your order is final when you submit it!  

5.5 If an order mistake has been made, please contact our customer service immediately at to to try and remedy the situation. We will try our best to fix this issue for you, however, we cannot guarantee that just because you have contacted us, that your order will be able to be changed. Our warehouse is a 3rd Party warehouse (it’s not our warehouse – it’s a fulfilment centre) which has very strict procedures as to whether an order can be changed with respect to their fulfilment schedule. AF accepts no liability for postage charges incurred due to an incorrect order that cannot be amended due to the msg not being received prior to the fulfilment cut off period.

6 - Payment Terms:

6.1 Unless agreed otherwise in writing, Payment terms are 100% upfront prior to shipping. Once the invoice has been paid, we will send the goods at the next available fulfilment allotment.

7 - Payment Methods:

7.1 You can pay by Credit Card or by Bank Transfer.

7.2 It is important to note, due the way the system works, credit card payment will only be accepted on the spot / at the time of ordering. You cannot pay at a later date using your credit card.

7.3 If you do not pay for the AF Products when you checkout with your credit card, then you will need to pay via Bank Transfer.

7.4 If paying by Bank Transfer, please ensure the quote the invoice number in the payment message so that we can easily locate your payment. Failure to do so may result in a delay in the sending of your order.

7.5 Once your Bank Transfer has been sent, please send remittance advice to to Failure to do so may result in a delay in the sending of your order. Our banking details are provided on the invoice and at checkout.

8 - Timing and Delivery:

8.1 Dispatch day normally depends on the time that the order and payment has been received. For payments received before 12pm, we will endeavour to dispatch your order same day. For payments received after 12pm, please allow for next day dispatch.

8.2 In busiest periods, please allow for a 1-2 days for dispatch of your order.

8.3 Delivery will be to the shipping address entered at checkout.

8.4 The AF Products or display stands will be delivered via a selection of service providers and as such display stands and AF Products are often delivered by different couriers on different days.

9 - Postage Methods and Cost:

9.1 In order to receive free regular postage, there is a minimum spend of $500. If your order does not reach the minimum of $500, then a postage and handling cost will be at the expense of the retailer. Postage cost will be fully viewable in the checkout process at the time of ordering.

9.2 Express Post Option: If the minimum spend of $500 is reached and you wish to have your stock delivered express, then the additional cost of express postage above the cost of regular postage will be charged to your business via a separate invoice

9.3 If you order express post and your order does not reach the minimum spend of $500, then the full expense of express post will be included on your invoice.

9.4 Please note that our warehouse is based in Melbourne, Victoria, express post charges for larger orders outside of Victoria are high.

10 - AF Point of Sale (POS) Display Stands:

10.1 As part of being an AF Product stockist, you are entitled to one free stand with free shipping per approved location that you stock AF products in.

10.2 We have two ranges of stands, one stand range for Health Practices and one stand range for Retail Stores. The type of stand that you are entitled to depends on your business type or the amount of spend you have made with our business.

Health Practices - Display Stands:

10.3 For Health Practices, in order to take advantage of our Health Practice free stands, you must have spent $500 or more in thong orders with AF. For Health Practices, in order to qualify for our Retail Stand range, your individual location that you are seeking a stand for must spend $5,000 or more per year.

10.4 If you have multiple locations, then each of those practices is entitled to one Health Practice free stand providing that each of those locations reaches the minimum spend of $500 per location. The same is true if you would like the retail stand, you just need to have an account spend of $5,000 or more for each location to qualify for the free retail store stand.

Retail Stores:

10.5 If you are approved as a Retail Store, then you have the option to choose the Health Practice Range of Stands or the Retail Store range of stands.

10.6 In order to take advantage of our Health Practice free stands, you must have spent $500 or more in thong orders with AF. In order to qualify for our Retail Stand range, you must have spent $500 for the narrow stand and $1,000 or more to qualify for the free wide stand.

General Info:

10.7 If you require additional stands for your additional approved locations, please contact your AF sales contact and they will generate a new discount code for you to get the stands for your additional locations.

10.8 If either Health Practices or Retail Stores require additional stands for the same retail location, or if you would like a particular stand type but you do not qualify for it in terms of minimum spend but you would still like to get it, then they may be purchased for the prices listed on the website. While we would love to be able to offer additional stands at no charge, the stands are expensive for us to import and ship to you.

10.9 Please note; your stand will be delivered separately from your thongs order to your retail location by courier.

10.10 While we supply one display stand free of charge, the stand remains the property of AF (unless the retailer has purchased the stand) and any damage or loss of the stand while in the retailers care and control, howsoever caused, will be charged to the stockist at the listed price.

10.11 If either party terminates business dealings with the other, then the AF POS Stand must be returned to AF in a non-damaged condition (unless you paid for the stand in this case you own it and do not need to return it). AF will pay for the return postage cost of the stand. Your company must repackage the stand to be sent back and assist AF with printing and adhering the return label to the package.

11 - AF 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

11.1 AF stands by the quality of its product as well as the strong customer demand our Products.

11.2 Subject to the terms in this agreement, if you place an order with AF and for some reason you no longer wish to stock AF Products, AF offers a full 100% return of the money paid for the AF Products (excluding postage cost), providing the AF Products are returned to AF in a new condition.

11.3 This offer is only available to a maximum of 100 individual Products per location. That is, we will not purchase more than 100 Products per location that stocks us back under this agreement.

11.4 This offer is valid for 6 Months ONLY from the date of original purchase of the AF Products.

11.5 If you wish to cease stocking AF Products, the AF Products will be purchased from the retailer at the price which AF sold the AF Products to the retailer.

11.6 In the event of a return, AF will inspect the returned AF Products and provide the refund based on the AF Products that are in an unused, unworn and re-sellable condition, which is subject to the discretion of AF (acting reasonably)

11.7 In the instance of a return of the AF Products and stand, AF will happily pay for the return cost of all of the items.

11.8 If you wish to return the goods to AF as you no longer wish to continue to sell the AF Products , please contact AF and we will book in the return shipment. The retailer is required to re-package the stand in a box for sending as well as print and adhere to the box the pre-paid postage label which we will send to you. AF will not pay the cost of postage when the return goods have been booked in by the retailer.

11.9 AF only extends this offer if either party terminates business dealings with the other. AF does NOT offer refunds on individual stock items that do not sell. For example, AF will not provide a refund or exchange for a size 7 Mint Thong that you cannot sell.

12 - Quality of the Product that you receive:

12.1 AF will endeavour to provide you with AF Products of the highest possible quality.

12.2 If you believe that you have been supplied with AF Products that are not of satisfactory quality, then please contact us and we will happily seek to sort this issue out for you ASAP!

12.3 AF will offer a credit on AF that are not deemed by AF Returns Division to be in a satisfactory condition.

12.4 The decision on whether a AF Product or Products are in a satisfactory condition is subject to the sole discretion of AF and AF reserves the right to reject any returns (acting reasonably) that are deemed by AF to be in a satisfactory condition.

13 - Instances where AF will not issue a credit on AF Products:

13.1 Minor product imperfections that have been deemed by AF Retail returns division to be in a satisfactory condition.

13.2 AF does NOT offer returns from retailers on AF Products which have been damaged due to customer trialling of the product. For example, a strap that has lost some of its original tightness due to them being tried on by someone with a very wide foot.

13.3 A thong that has had the strap damaged, broken or stretched by not removing from the card-board and/or plastic connecting attachment prior to trialling the thong on.

13.4 Improper use of the AF Products.

13.5 AF Products that have deteriorated, faded or is otherwise damaged due to storing the AF Products in direct sunlight.

14 - Refunds & Exchanges:

14.1 It is up to the sole discretion of you, the Authorised Reseller as to whether you wish to participate in the AF Comfort Guarantee and what policy you choose to run in terms of exchanging and refunding products. We clearly state this on our website and we encourage customers to ask the retailer prior to purchasing as to whether they participate in the Comfort Guarantee.

14.2 However, we welcome you to join our policy and AF will provide support in the way of a credit for AF products that have been worn and returned for a refund or exchange.

14.3 As an Authorised Reseller, the decision whether to offer an exchange or refund will be left to your sole discretion.

14.4 If you offer your customers a worn refund or exchange, it is expected that you will conduct this within the Guidelines of our Comfort Guarantee.

14.5 For purchases made from your Approved Reseller Locations (both Physical and Online Stores), all customer request for product exchanges & refunds must be conducted on your premises.

14.6 In the event that you approve a refund or exchange for a worn pair, then you need to submit a Worn Exchange Credit Request (instructions on retailer website). Once the form is filled in, you will be required to mail back the worn pair to AF (AF will pay for the return postage). If approved, AF will issue you with a discount code to replace the worn pair (s). AF reserves the right to reject Worn Exchange Credit Request that have not been conducted in accordance with our Comfort Guarantee Guidelines.

15 - Returns / Faulty Products:

15.1 If a customer purchases AF Products and they subsequently claim that it is faulty, e.g. if the strap snaps, if the toe pole breaks, or if the general quality of the product is believed to be unsatisfactory, in order for us to process a return then we will require you to please fill in our online returns form found on our retailer website.We are unable to accept warranty claims without this form being filled in.

15.2 While we would prefer that you contact us prior to issuing a return, in the special case of an angry / disgruntled customer and the return needs to be solved promptly to avoid aggravating the situation, then we leave the decision of whether or not to offer an exchange or return to the discretion of the retailer.

15.3 Guidance for making decisions as to whether or not to offer a refund or replacement can be found on our website in the warranty and returns section (on the very bottom of the page) as well as in the FAQ’s.

15.4 In the event that we do decide that the thong is covered by our warranty, then if you are happy to do so, if you are able to provide the customer with the replacement pair in store and we will provide you with a discount code in which the thong can other be sent to you straight away or included with your next order.

15.5 If for some reason the return or refund cannot be worked in store, then please contact us and we can either offer guidance or take over processing the return for you.

16 - Sale of Archies AF Products on 3rd party websites / marketplaces / websites other than your own (e.g - Amazon or E-Bay):

16.1 We only permit the sale of Archies AF Products to AF approved stockist who sell the AF Products in their physical / "bricks and motar" stores. We do NOT supply online re-sellers that do not sell our AF Products in physical / "bricks and mortar" store (s).

16.2 If you are an approved AF stockist and you sell the AF Products in your physical store, then we DO ALLOW you to sell the AF Products on YOUR direct businesses/companies website (NOT associated or third party websites).

16.3 We DO NOT allow retailers to sell the AF Products on any website EXCEPT YOUR OWN. For example, we DO NOT permit the sale of the AF Products on ANY 3rd party websites or Marketplaces such as, but not limited to Amazon, E-Bay and bargain websites such as Group On, Daily Deals, Catch of the Day etc.

17 - Archies Dedication to Exceptional Customer Service:

17.1 It is part of AF ’s mission to provide you and the end consumer with the best possible customer service.

17.2 If you do not believe that AF is achieving this or if you have any questions, concerns, issues or suggestions with any aspect of AF, please let AF know. AF will always do its best to provide exceptional support and customer service.

18 - No Drop Shipping:

18.1 We do not allow our stockists to drop ship, this is where the stockist places an order on the wholesale site and sets the address directly to the customer.

19 - Acknowledgement of digital signature:

Archies Footwear looks forward to a long and successful partnership with your business and supplying you with a super-comfortable and fashionable Arch Support / Orthotic Thong that your customers will love!

When you place each order through the wholesale website there is a tick box at the checkout page that relates to the terms within this supply agreement. By ticking the box, this signifies that you as the retailer acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. This box should only be ticked / agreed to by those who have the authority to bind your business to the terms specified in the agreement.

20 - Rights:

Please note that AF reserves all rights in regards to the supply our our AF Products to you and your business. The terms of this agreement are subject to change, in which case an email would be sent to you notifying you of any updates.