The most important consideration when assessing returns is if the issue occurred within the warranty period (6 months) and within the grounds of normal/fair use.

If you need help in deciding if you should or should not issue a return, follow the guidelines below. 

Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you need any help. 


Issue a return

Do not issue a return


Within 6 months from the point of purchase.

Outside of 6 months from the point of purchase.

Strap stretching

If the strap has overstretched within normal/fair use and it’s within our warranty period.

Please note: Our straps are designed to be tight, we consider it a key selling feature. However, the strap may stretch and lose its original tightness naturally with wear.

Outside of 6 months from the point of purchase.

Strap breaks

If the break has occurred within normal/fair use such as just walking, getting out of a car etc.

If the person has performed physical activities that one would not usually perform while wearing thongs. 

If the strap broke because of circumstantial reasons and not because of a fault with the thongs.

Thongs shrink

If the thongs shrink due to sun exposure during normal/fair use, then it is acceptable to issue a return. This means that the thongs were not left in the sun for a prolonged period of time.

Please note: We do provide a warning tag dedicated to shrinking.

Outside of 6 months from the point of purchase.

The customer admits to leaving the thongs in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

Thongs fade

If the thongs have faded through general use and it’s within the warranty period. 

Outside of 6 months of the point of purchase.

If the thongs have faded due to being exposed to direct sunlight or left in the sun for long periods.

Normal/fair use: This would be normal activities such as walking, moving from sitting to standing, climbing in and out of cars, etc. The person has not exerted themselves physically (such as in running or jumping) and use would be normal for a thong.

Strap Stretching: If the strap has stretched, it normally means one of a few possible things:

  • The customer has worn the thongs a lot.
  • They have stretched them at some stage with their hands.
  • They have walked down an excessively steep hill in them.
  • They’ve played sports in them or performed physically vigorous exercise such as running/sprinting.

Strap Breaks: Our thongs are extremely durable and, usually, a strap breaking is most likely because of the type of activity the person did or the environment that they were in at the time of the break. 

For example:

  • The person was running in the thongs or playing sports.
  • They were walking down an extreme hill, placing unnecessary strain on the straps and toe pole.
  • Someone stood on the back of their thongs while they were walking. 

Thongs shrink: Normal use / fair use, in this case, would be if the customer has performed a normal activity such as going to the beach or swimming by the pool, and the thongs shrink during that time. In this situation, it’s acceptable to issue a return. 

If the customer admits to leaving them in direct sunlight, for example, in the back window of a car, on the front or back steps, or in a very sunny area, then do not issue a return because the thongs have shrunk due to the customer placing them in the sun. (We do provide a warning tag about this.)

Thongs fade: Normal use / fair use, in this case, would be that the thongs have faded under normal circumstances and not because they’ve been left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. If they are still within the warranty period, it’s acceptable to issue a product return. If they are outside the 6 months warranty period, then do not issue a product return. 

If the person has left the thongs in direct sunlight for a long period of time, the colour will fade as this is what usually happens when items are left in the sun. In this situation, it’s not a valid reason to issue a product return. 

*Please note* We do NOT automatically accept any warranty claims outside the 6 month period. If you have an unreasonable customer, please contact the wholesale customer support team to discuss the issue and we will do the best we can to get the issue resolved.