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Wholesale Cost
Payment Terms
Retail Pricing
Payment Methods
Money Back Guarantee
How to Order

To view our full terms, please see the 
Archies Supply Agreement.  Please download, print and review for your records. You must agree to our terms before placing an order. 

Below are the key points of the Archies Supply Agreement

Wholesale Costs:

Approved retailers may purchase Archies Thongs at a wholesale price of $20.00 per pair. Archies offer free shipping with any order over 25 pairs and a free display stand with an initial order of 25 pairs or more (1 display stand per location).

Retail Pricing:

Archies Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $40.00.

Shipping Costs:

For orders under $500, Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. Archies offers free shipping on orders over $500.


To comply with the various state sales tax laws, sales tax will be applied to any retailer without a valid resale or tax exemption form on file. 

Any retailer with a valid resale or tax exemption form on file will not be charged sales tax. If you have submitted a resale or tax exemption form and tax is being added to your order, please email customer service.

What to Order:

Not sure what to order? We can help! Use our auto-fill tool to fill your order based on the sizes and colours we have found to work best. This is located below our order matrix on the website.

Payment Terms:

Unless otherwise specified, Archies only offers upfront payment terms. When the invoice is paid the order is sent.

Payment Methods

You can pay by credit card or by direct bank transfer.

Credit card payment will only be accepted ONLINE at the time of ordering. We do not take credit card payments over the phone.   

If “Bank Transfer” is selected as your payment method, please quote the invoice number in both the SUBJECT AND BODY of your remittance message to avoid delays to your order.  

When payment has been made via bank transfer please send remittance message to: & cc:

Money Back Guarantee

As per our Archies Supply Agreementwe have a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Overview of Guarantee:

If you no longer wish to stock Archies Thongs at your location we will purchase back the remaining stock at the price you purchased them (must be within six-month return window). 

How To Order

Placing an Archies Thongs order is simple and easy!

  1. Go to Place Order in the Navigation Bar. 
  2. Select desired pairs from the Order Matrix: Use the “Auto-Fill” tool to populate your order with up-to-date sales data. This will give you a color/size range of pairs that are most likely to sell. 
  3. Promotional Codes: Enter any promotional codes on the second page of checkout
  4. Shipping Address and Payment Details: Enter where you would like your order shipped and your payment method, then submit!

Pro Tip: The Archies site works best using a Google Chrome browser.

Editing Order 

If you would like to adjust your order, select the red link that says, ‘Click here to edit cart items’. This will enable you to add or delete any items that are in your cart. 

If you would like to add additional items that are not in your cart then click on the red link that says ‘Continue Shopping’. 

Choosing Shipping Method

If you have ordered $500.00 worth of thongs or more, then the cart will automatically default to free regular shipping. You can adjust to expedited shipping at an additional charge.

For orders less than $500.00, shipping will be at your expense. Shipping options and charges will be view-able on the cart totals on the right hand side of the page.

Choosing Payment Method

Unless pre-arranged, payment terms are upfront. When payment is received, orders are sent.

Credit Card Payments are only accepted at the time of online ordering (not accepted by phone). 

If “Bank Transfer” is selected as your payment method, please ensure to quote the invoice number in both the SUBJECT AND BODY of your remittance message to avoid delays to your order.  

When payment has been made via bank transfer please send remittance advice to: and also cc: